(Note: these pages describe events which took place during May-September 2003, they are kept here as an archive.)
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Out in the Black Sea
Into Sulina
Passing the finish line
Frog fishing on last day
The Delta
With friends at Isaccea
Setting off
Campsite in Romania
Beautiful scenery
Nasty weather!
Barge wreck
Bath time
Waiting for the last dam to open
Into the Iron Gates
Romanian border post; right bank
Croatia from Serbia
With friends in Novi Sad
Into Novi Sad; bridge bombed by NATO
Leaving Budapest
Upstream from Esztergom
Into Esztergom
Tied up in Bratislava
Richard the Lionheart´s castle
After the storm
KM 2222.2
Moral support from Seaman Hewlet
Dawn day 2
A friend from Straubing Canoe Club
First outing
No more locks :(
With Claudia
Famous! (In Ulm local press.)
Kitted Out!
Charlie showing off his GB lycra
Testing the boat in Northern Germany

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