(Note: these pages describe events which took place during May-September 2003, they are kept here as an archive.)
We Have Completed Our Journey!!
The map below will track our position during the journey so come back often to see where we are! We also have a Guestbook that you can sign and an Online Diary in which we will write about our experiences. Also check the Photo Gallery which will be updated with new pictures as we row. Scroll down for our Latest News.
Total distance rowed so far: 2586 km
Distance remaining: 0 km
Latest News
October 30th: New pictures in the gallery!! Total count not yet in but at least 10000 raised!
26th September 2003: Charlie and John have arrived safely in Sulina at the end of their 2586 km voyage! Congratulations to them both on this splendid achievement.
September 24: Tulcea, reached: the 'Gateway to the Delta'. Mayoral reception. Talk of doing this annualy! 43 Nautical miles left.
September 12: The friendly people at WWF have fixed our website! Nearly at the 2000 km mark.
September 10: Sorry, the guestbook and diary are currently broken. Quite hard to fix from Bulgarian internet cafes, but I'm trying... J.
August 28: Half way (1293 km) reached this morning! River is at lowest level ever.
August 24: 1000km rowed. To get an idea of how far that is go to your local gym, find an ergo (rowing machine), type in one million metres (1,000,000) and start watching how quickly the zeros fall.
August 15: Quarter completed. 650km down, 1950 to go.
August 6: Fifty km a day average for first four days (first rest day missed). Press stampede at start (see photo page for an example). Serious heat!
July 29: A Guestbook, Online Diary and Photo Gallery are now available.
July 17: New press release! Download here. Thanks to Emma Sykes PR.
July 12: Spartan Clothing has sponsored us by providing Elite Cagoules! Thank you for supporting us!
June 16: Both rowers spent the weekend training for the expedition. John was rowing in the Durham Regatta on Saturday in a college IV. While Charlie ran the Edinburgh Marathon on Sunday.
June 10: Charlie and John spent the weekend in Northern Germany testing a boat and rowing their first 50km together in a double.
May 28: Mathew Pinsent OBE has supported our project! "What a great idea. I wish you every luck with your incredible voyage and all your fundraising plans".
May 26: We have received our first donation, from Lord and Lady Sandford, Lord Sandford was a founding member of Water Aid.
We are supporting WaterAid and the WWF Danube-Carpathian Programme:
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Wateraid is registered UK charity No. 288701 and WWF-UK is registered UK charity No. 1081247
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