(Note: these pages describe events which took place during May-September 2003, they are kept here as an archive.)
Sponsor Us
(This page is for companies who are considering sponsorship. If you are an individual, please go to our donate page.)
There will be considerable media coverage of our journey and preparation, both in Durham and other university towns, but also in the national press of Britain and other European countries. Emma Sykes, director of Emma Sykes PR will be managing our publicity.
We are asking you to sponsor our journey. The total cost is estimated to be 8000. On top of this we aim to raise at least 20 000 for the charities we have selected. If you are able to cover the basic cost in total or part, we will publish your logo and any desired wording on the side of our boat. We will also ensure that we mention you in any media coverage.
Our basic costs are:
  • The Boat 4000.
  • The Blades 1000.
  • Transport 1000.
  • Accomodation and Food 2000.
This is an unaided expedition - we will have no ground support and will be staying in campsites or with friendly boat clubs along the route. We have kept costs to an absolute minimum to ensure that WaterAid and the WWF get as much money as possible. If you would like more information about sponsorship oppotunities, then please contact us here.
The Danube is a huge and important river. Rowing it is our challenge. Join our team, and our success, by sponsoring this expedition.
We are supporting WaterAid and the WWF Danube-Carpathian Programme:
WaterAid Logo WWF Danube Carpathian Programme
Wateraid is registered UK charity No. 288701 and WWF-UK is registered UK charity No. 1081247
Last updated: July 29 2003