(Note: these pages describe events which took place during May-September 2003, they are kept here as an archive.)
Who Is Doing This?
Our names are Charlie Blair and John Travers. We are graduates of Durham University and and will both be starting courses at Imperial College London in October.
Charlie Blair
John Travers
Charlie Picture John Picture
Charlie is an ex cox who is fed up with being called a dead weight. He has coxed at Henley, the National Championships and at J16 level for Great Britain but this will be his first serious outing facing backwards. He is a geography graduate who is fascinated by the history and the transition of Europe and sees an unaided rowing trip across the continent as an ideal way to understand the place and the people more. He is also fully aware of the needless suffering of people around the world that is caused by the lack of basic things like clean water, cooperation and understanding and is determined to give more of these things to the world. He has lived and studied in Cuba and Barcelona and helped raise over 90 000 as a member of the Durham Univeristy Charities Kommittee (DUCK) executive last year.
John has rowed in many Durham regattas since his 1st year at university. From a young age he has been driven to adventure and his first river descent was of the Ardeche in France, by canoe, at the age of 12. Although he studied mathematics and physics at university, he has a keen fascination in history, in particular that of Europe. He taught English in a Romanian university for 7 weeks as part of an exchange programme and was enchanted by the beauty of the country and the genuine friendliness of the people. He has also fallen in love with Slovenia and Hungary. He views this trans-European voyage as the perfect way to see and learn more about the land and culture of this complicated continent and also to raise money for, and awareness of, the un-due suffering of people in Europe and around the world.
We first had the idea of making this trip over three years ago when we had just completed a charity expedition to climb Mt. Killimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa. We have the drive and determination to make this expedition a success. Hopefully some of our enthusiasm will rub off on you in these webpages.
We are supporting WaterAid and the WWF Danube-Carpathian Programme:
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Wateraid is registered UK charity No. 288701 and WWF-UK is registered UK charity No. 1081247
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