(Note: these pages describe events which took place during May-September 2003, they are kept here as an archive.)
Why Are We Doing This?
The river Danube is described by the EC as 'the single most important body of fresh water in Europe' and as 'the most international river basin in the world'. Rowing from its source to its delta is effectively the longest row possible in our continent - this combined with the magical scenery, amazing wildlife and incredible cultures we will be rowing through mean the attraction is irresistible. We would never be able to push ourselves hard enough without a higher goal, though. The thought of raising 20,000 for WaterAid and the WWF Danube-Carpathian programme provides that incentive.
Water BoyThe Danube basin catches rainfall from 817,000 square kms and over twenty million people rely directly on the river for drinking water. Many people in the world, though, aren't so lucky and can't take clean water for granted. WaterAid works on the premise that providing basic, low-level, infrastructure and training can make an enormous difference to hundreds of thousands of the worlds poorest people in Africa and Asia. We have chosen them because we understand that pound for pound a donation to them can make the biggest direct contribution to alleviating human suffering in the world. It is also the International year of Fresh Water. We hope our trip will open some eyes in the UK to what life without clean water can be like, and how easy it is to do something about.
WetlandsThe WWF is the world's largest conservation and environmental charity. Their Danube-Carpathian Project works on exactly the sort of issues we have realised are so important since we began researching this expedition. Cooperation between Danube States and different human interest groups is essential if the value of the multiple Danube basin ecosystems is to be saved. The D-CP acts as a pressure group and information source for environment-related issues along the length of the river. It also works on specific projects protecting unique habitats in the basin such as the 877,000 ha Danube Delta (now a UNEP/UNESCO biosphere reserve). The delta is the world's largest reed-bed and as well as providing a habitat for diverse and in many cases unique fauna it provides a natural filtration and treatment service to clean up much of the Danube's pollution before it enters the Black Sea.
See the following web pages for more information on the two charities and our reasons for supporting them.
We are supporting WaterAid and the WWF Danube-Carpathian Programme:
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Wateraid is registered UK charity No. 288701 and WWF-UK is registered UK charity No. 1081247
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